A quick update on current projects


I don’t tend to post “here’s what’s going on!”-type content, as I’m never really sure if anyone is interested. But hey, it’s Sunday and I just spent about two hours sorting out horse rugs, so what the hell!

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Do authors ‘owe’ their readers?

accusing-1297987_640With the new season of Game of Thrones about to unleash itself on a ravenous and insatiable fan base, I thought it would be an apt time to explore the relationship between author and reader, in particular reference to book series. Do authors really owe their readers and fans the next novel at the expense of everything else, or are we a just a bunch of self-entitled content junkies demanding our next fix?

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Can Twitter help sell my book?

For any new author, trying to establish an audience is one of the most difficult things we face. Before the age of self-publishing through Amazon, B&N et al., if you weren’t picked up by a publisher then getting your work in front of people was a very difficult and time-consuming process. Nowadays, anyone can write a novel and have it visible to the public in moments.
The downside of that, of course, is a massive increase in competition. Instead of a shop with hundreds of books vying for readers’ attention, there are hundreds of thousands on Amazon. It’s a bookstore of near-infinite shelves, and if you’re not at the front table, it’s a journey you have to persuade your customers to make.

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Going off the beaten path – indie books, expectations and lessons from computer games

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a voracious reader, but like many people, I tend to stick to my favourite few authors and personal recommendations from friends. All from major publishers, of course!
That was until a few months ago, when as part of my membership of BooksGoSocial, I joined a review club and started reading indie books. I’ve not touched a traditionally published book since.

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My thoughts on Amazon KU and KENP scores

KDP select, Amazon Unlimited and the mystery KENP score of doom.


Many new self-published authors these days (myself included) will tend to gravitate towards Amazon to launch their titles, as the process is simple and the market largest. You can either chose to publish it alongside other bookstores such as Barnes and Noble or iTunes, or sign a 90 day rolling exclusivity deal with KDP Select which gives you access to things like  countdown / free book promotions, advertising and Kindle Unlimited (KU). Continue reading