A quick update on current projects


I don’t tend to post “here’s what’s going on!”-type content, as I’m never really sure if anyone is interested. But hey, it’s Sunday and I just spent about two hours sorting out horse rugs, so what the hell!

I currently have two projects I’m working on. Morula, set four years after In Vitro Lottery, is coming along well, with over 50,000 words down on the first draft. The rest exists as a brief outline in Scrivener, so I know roughly where I need to be headed. One thing I do know, is that the story is probably going to need another book to finish it off. At least if I end Morula how I think I’m going to, anyway! Characters do have an odd habit of doing unexpected things at inopportune moments.

My other project is a novella-length film-noir homage, mixed with some urban fantasy. I’m aiming for a lighter tone, so don’t expect gritty realism – I’ll leave that to my dystopian stories 🙂 I’ve only just started the project, but expect more news over the coming months as it starts to take shape. Like many self-published authors, I have to work full time and fit in writing around the rest of my life, so unfortunately things often take longer than I’d hope. I now have a much longer list of story ideas than I’ll ever get time to actually writing!

I also got IVL re-edited by the excellent Karl Drinkwater, and his many corrections / suggestions are currently on my ‘to do’ pile for when I’ve finished the first draft of Morula. Once the changes are live, I intend to re-launch the novel with a wider net of distribution, and possibly a blog tour to go with it.

Until then, it’s nose to the grindstone with my other projects! I have a scientific conference in the US to attend next week, which means two long-haul flights and plenty of uninterrupted time for writing. I just hope my laptop battery can last the distance!

Stay tuned for more updates, reviews and commentary in the future. Happy writing, everyone!




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