In Vitro Lottery

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Imagine a future where the population has crashed, civilisation is crumbling and gene editing is the only way to have children. Would your ethics, views and beliefs still be the same, and would you trust those in charge to do what’s best for humanity, no matter the cost? Welcome to In Vitro Lottery, out now on Amazon!

Kate Adams never really wanted a family, so when her numbers come up for treatment at the clinic, she gives her winning ticket to her sister, Emily. Then tragedy strikes, and Kate is sent on a collision course with the clinic head Victor Pearson, and the Government, in her quest for answers.
Why did Emily run from the clinic, when children were all she ever wanted? The Norwegian Death had changed the world forever, but that was just the beginning of humanity’s problems. The children of the survivors were unable to conceive. Complex and expensive fertility treatment was the only option. Some could afford it, but for everyone else, the Government created the Lottery.
When Kate’s investigation reveals devastating truths about her sister, she is drawn towards the pressure group IVFree. She begins to question everything she believes in. Together, they formulate a plan to get answers and to uncover the real purpose behind the Lottery.

Critical praise for Why She Ran

“It has plenty of action, thrills and plot twists to keep a fan of most genres on their toes.” Underground Book Reviews
“Ed Ryder’s description of this alternate reality is fantastic; its intrigue and mystery keeps it interesting throughout.”
“A Thought-Provoking Story About the Value of Life” – JoanneG
“A Cautionary Tale of Epic Proportions” – Cindy Stone
“Fast paced science fiction thriller” – S. A. Gibson
“Action, Entrigue, Characters You Can SEE” – Daniel H. Osborne

 2016 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards CATEGORY MEDALIST WINNER: Sci-fi dystopian