From thought to release: writing a novel, part 3

Part 3: Characters

I watch a lot of science fiction movies and it’s often said that a special effect without a story is nothing, however spectacular it may look. The same can be said about story and characters. We may enjoy a good story, but it’s the characters in it we care for, fall in love with, or even prey they have an early demise.

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From thought to release: writing a novel, part 1

Part 1: Ideas, prerequisites and preconceptions

A few years ago I had the embryo of an idea that refused to get out of my head. The more I thought about it the worse it got until the embryo stared to develop into a life of its own, expanding way beyond my initial concept. New characters then started to add themselves to the cast, shaping the story and direction further by their thoughts and actions.

After a while I realised that the only way to remove the whole thing from my brain was to write it down, so after cutting my teeth on a short story I decided to take the plunge and write an entire novel, learning as I went. Bit of a silly plan in retrospect but hey here we are. Continue reading