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One of the biggest hurdles facing new authors is the review trap. You need good reviews to generate interest, but you can’t generate interest without reviews. Many promotion sites won’t touch a book that’s not got at least five 4-star+ ratings and even if they are made aware of the work through advertising, most consumers are unlikely to take a chance on a new author without existing reviews to guide their decision.

After Esha Bajaj gave me a chance and reviewed my book (and liked it fortunately),  I’ve decided to give back to the writing community and review some myself. Submission guidelines are shown below.



  • Dystopian Science Fiction
  • Science-based thrillers
  • Any other Science Fiction
  • Fantasy (preferably based on Earth)

Book submission guidelines:

  • Debut authors only at present
  • Available on Amazon and be $2.99 or less. I’ll be buying the books I read.
  • Fewer than five existing reviews.
  • Around 100,000 words or less. Sorry no Asoiaf epics!
  • In English.
  • I’m more concerned with a good story and characters than I am with formatting, but a book with lots of spelling and grammar issues will be noted.
  • No review swap requests please. These are against Amazon’s T&Cs.


  • Reviews will be posted on as a verified buyer,, Goodreads and here on my blog (and tweeted). I’ll state if a review was from a submission request or just a book I happened to have bought.
  • All reviews will be my personal opinion. I’m not a professional critic!
  • Please don’t be offended if I don’t choose your book to review.
  • Sorry in advance if I don’t enjoy your book. Just because I’m a grumpy old git and didn’t like it doesn’t mean to say others won’t. Since a bad review can kill a book in its early days, I won’t post a review that’s going to get fewer than three stars but will send feedback privately.
  • Between work, horses, writing, my computer game addiction and life in general I’m limited by the numbers and pace I can read. Submissions will be open in a rolling 10 book window.

How to submit:

Please use the contact form below with the subject title ‘book review request’ and provide the following information.

  • Book title
  • Author name
  • Amazon Link
  • Genre
  • Synopsis

Current reading list:

The following submitted books are in my review queue (not in any particular order):