Guest blog post – EJ Perez

Enter the Human Race eCover (1) 800Today we have a guest post from EJ Perez, talking about his upcoming book ‘The Superhuman Race’. This is part of a BooksGoSocial blog tour. Take it away EJ!

“The Superhuman Race was conceived close to 3 decades ago back in 1986. It was supposed to be a comic book story. An artist was hired and panels were drafted. I procrastinated, not sure on the concept and the artist moved on. It later evolved into a book with a journalistic style, I wrote a couple of chapters this way and I loved it. But I wasn’t too sure if I wanted this format. So I stopped.

At one time I considered hiring a ghostwriter to write the book, for me getting the story out was my satisfaction. I would become a story creator, writing the outline with the ghostwriter writing the book, it didn’t pan out.

For a while, I put the book on the back burner. With priorities in life coming into play, I concentrated on working 2 full-time jobs for years. Exhausted, my creativity couldn’t come out, I was too tired to think. I only worked, slept and ate for years.

My creative juices always in the background, they came back even with the exhaustion I felt. The cause for this; there were books being published with a hint of my story. I knew I needed to put this out before my ideas became a general thought to the rest of writers.
Not satisfied with my story and where it was going, my wife suggested I put the theme of the story in the future. With my interest in all things future, it felt like a perfect fit. Thus the Superhuman Race was born into the future.

I had initially 3 stories separate from each other, created way back in 1986, fusing them together only made sense. At the time, there weren’t a lot of multiple story arcs in a novel. I thought this would be different and began writing my outline. Then came GOT (Game of Thrones) and other books and I felt I was on the right track with the book as far as multiple story arcs.

But now, it came for me writing the book. I am an impatient person and doing a book that would have taken a year to a couple of years to finish, was just too daunting a task and frustrating. So why not with my love of comics and soap operas and television serials, why not make the book into a novella, with cliffhangers or one-shot character stories and make them all in the same world (Universe) . In other words make a comic book format novella, numbered and set in a comic book form with prose.

Writing the first book took only a month, getting it ready for publication took over 6 months. My research on getting my novella out was more in how to get it published. And which was the best route to get it published? I did not want to go the traditional route; which was finding an agent, waiting to get accepted, then more time waiting to get published (years) plus, I wanted complete control of my product idea.
Which is where I am now; The Superhuman Race is the beginning of a series that will be ongoing and my hopes entertaining. I’ve enjoyed writing the characters and I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Enter the Superhuman Race is the first book in a continuing Novella series set one-step into the future. It’s a quick read with about 25k-35k words, give or take, with the next book out every 2-3 months, maybe sooner.

It deals with humanities struggle against a one world government with advancements in technology as the backdrop. Including humans chipped, cloned and enhanced on physical abilities through natural or artificial means. This is not a dystopia story, but a story on what happens when humanity reaches the threshold of technology in the future. Does humanity change for the better? That is the question.

It’s the Superhuman Race the next evolution against the Human Race who have become oppressed in this future timeline; A very possible path that can take place if we’re not careful.”



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