My female hero – V’s Juliet Parrish


With Wonder Woman getting so much attention from the media, grandly declaring her debut solo film as ‘at last, a female action hero!’ (an accolade which was quickly derided on social media with lots of photos of Ripley, Buffy, Xena, Sarah Conner et al), I thought I’d go back and share some thoughts on my own female hero from my youth – V’s Juliet Parrish.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award: An interview with Rowena Schoier


I’ve been nominated by Debbie Jinks for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’, where a character in one of my novels has to answer ten questions about themselves. I’ve chosen Rowena Schoier, the wife of Caden, a politician in the Ministry of Reproduction. She has her own plans for the fate of the world.

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