In Vitro Lottery

Out now on Amazon! Winner of the New Apple Summer Ebooks Awards – best sci-fi dystopian!

Imagine a future where the population has crashed, civilisation is crumbling and gene editing is the only way to have children. Would your ethics, views and beliefs still be the same, and would you trust those in charge to do what’s best for humanity, no matter the cost? Welcome to In Vitro Lottery, out now on Amazon!

Decades after a deadly plague has ravaged the world, the children of the survivors can only reproduce via complex fertility treatment. Some can afford it, but for everyone else there is the In Vitro Lottery.

Kate Adams never really wanted a family so she gives her winning ticket to her sister, with tragic consequences. Desperate for answers, Kate suddenly finds herself forced out of her own insular life and sent on a dark interwoven path with the clinic head Victor Pearson and the pressure group IVFree in her pursuit of the truth.

What dark secret lies beneath the surface and purpose of the Lottery? And when the fate of humanity is at stake, who really controls the future, and what will they do to protect it?


Amazon reviews for In Vitro Lottery!




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