Going off the beaten path – indie books, expectations and lessons from computer games

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a voracious reader, but like many people, I tend to stick to my favourite few authors and personal recommendations from friends. All from major publishers, of course!
That was until a few months ago, when as part of my membership of BooksGoSocial, I joined a review club and started reading indie books. I’ve not touched a traditionally published book since.

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Book review: The Last Day of Captain Lincoln, by Exo Books

The Last Day of Captain Lincoln
by Exo Books

 Captain Lincoln is the retired commander of a highly advanced space ship slowly making its way towards a new planet. It’s a journey which will take generations, and the crew are custodians for the vessel and the advanced AI which runs it. Continue reading

Book review: MYLEA, the journey begins (Mylean Universe Chronicles), by Philip Elrod

The Mylean people have a problem; their planet is doomed due to a clash of galaxies. Fortunately, their most brilliant scientist, a being called Tanaka, has an audacious plan to save them. If they can’t move their population to a new world, then they’ll move the whole planet instead to a new star system.

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