In Vitro Lottery – deleted scene

In its first draft form, my book had a prologue about the origins of the Norwegian Death. Although it set the scene and provided some backstory, I eventually removed it because it wasn’t really connected with the rest of the story and delayed the introduction of the main characters.

I’ve cleaned it up around the edges a bit and you can find it below as a deleted scene extra. Enjoy!

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My thoughts on Amazon KU and KENP scores

KDP select, Amazon Unlimited and the mystery KENP score of doom.


Many new self-published authors these days (myself included) will tend to gravitate towards Amazon to launch their titles, as the process is simple and the market largest. You can either chose to publish it alongside other bookstores such as Barnes and Noble or iTunes, or sign a 90 day rolling exclusivity deal with KDP Select which gives you access to things like  countdown / free book promotions, advertising and Kindle Unlimited (KU). Continue reading

Book review: FERTS, by Grace Hudson

FERTS by Grace Hudson

FERTS cover

FERTS is a dystopian future story based in a compound controlled by a man called Wilcox, where women are raised and conditioned as property for the male populous outside. Each girl is assigned a category based on physical attributes; the beautiful train in seduction techniques and hope to be bought by the local townsfolk and bear their children, the strong provide entertainment through fights and the others perform manual labour within the compound. None of them want to be in Zeta Circuit, which is the lowest class of all. Continue reading

A short story

Here’s a short story that I originally posted on my old blog. Enjoy!


He looked out at his garden and admired the rough mound of earth and broken concrete that covered the shelter below. The scouting master in his childhood had always taught about being prepared; how it tipped the odds and made a man stand tall when disaster struck, while others floundered and ran. Continue reading